My belief in life comes from the experiences that we live with and learn from, and, especially the people we cross paths with. My life is, as much as yours, is a journey to be experienced, not a destination to arrive first or last at. It's a path that is personal yet interdependent on those that have walked before me and those that will walk behind me (not meant to be taken as follow, as everyone walks their own path, some sooner than later).

To achieve light in my life, I've had to go through darkness, I've had to uncover, discover and discard constituencies and toxicities that were harmful or, in another way, not beneficial to my life, the life of my daughter Shinowa's life and not conducive to a relationship with a higher being, a creator if you will.

The experiences are mine and they are yours, and they are perceived differently without regard to any sort of right or wrong or good or bad--they just are what they are. In my experience, along my path, I've discovered that there are two certainties in life that I have to live with and accept:

ONE is that no matter how hard I try, I can never get anyone to change according to my beliefs, and TWO is that the only things that I can change are my actions while maintaining a clear view of what they're intentions are before committing to them based on and influenced by previous experiences.

I choose to remain a student of life, as to do otherwise, is to choose to live in a world where impressions are not made. Clay is impressionable where stone is unimpressionable, only breakable. The minds of your youth, our future, my daughter Shinowa, they are all impressionable, they are learning how to survive in a world that is full of challenges and uncertainty in moving forth. To support them, I encourage people to follow their dreams with the hearts at the forefront of their lives, while their minds, honed and sharp, confident and secure, lead their feet to bigger and better possibilities beyond the scope of where imagination ostensibly ends.

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