YOU: Seeking a creative and innovative photographer who can attend to & obtain the focus of an audience through image & design. 

KK: Photographer [ART GALLERY & PORTRAIT], with drive, with attention to detail and, most importantly, with experience. 

FOCUS: To provide images through design, obtain the attention of any given audience at any given moment whereby perspective of any given environment is altered for that audience--KK


Before you walk through this website, I'd ask that you take a moment and imagine a world without pictures. Not one. No pictures of a smiling little blonde girl with her black lab basking in the sunlight beneath a rainbow. Not one single solitary image of a laborer toiling at the challenges he's faced with in building a skyscraper. No shots of a battlefield amid an international conflict. No images of space from the Hubble telescope. No scope of how life is or isn’t in Bali along the sea shore. No idea what color Candy Apple Red or Stargaze Blue looks like. Not a single iota of what a man looks like before surgery and after thanks to a plastic surgeon.

Sure, there's words that we can read that describe scenes and situations in the world. There's numbers we can add up and calculations that look great on paper. But what does it look like?  The shapes, the colors, the spaces created and imagined, surrounding a beggar in Hanoi, Vietnam on a dirt road surrounded by smug palm trees hanging over her, a dazzling woman in an evening gown on the Left Bank beneath a starry night, a stargazing thousand yard stare being cast onto a night sky over a Norwegian ice berg from a cruise ship ten thousand miles from home.  Are you with me? It is only a figment of the imagination, a picture in a restless mind, a warped view created by words and numbers that add up only in the mind.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lest there be something that can capture it in real time? 

 My name's Kevin Kent, I have aimed and I have succeeded at providing visual services that capture those moments in time in addition to creating a frozen piece of time emulated from vast parts of the world to hold at bay for those that want to see people, places and products of business and of nature in any given exotic or domestic setting.  The requirement of photographic images is a contract to engage an audience, a market or a demographic so as to sink the taste buds of the optical organs onto a sparkling glass of blood red merlot, a blinding white light reflecting off the towers in Dubai and anything else someone has only been able to imagine.


On the web, in print or through a lens, there is virtually nothing we can't do in the way of making your images come to life. In addition to marketing your products, your services and your business through the use of tools that capture a world that is yet unknown, we will make them pop, shout, scream and unleash the light of innovative imagery through our services.


In addition to what I can provide for you visually and for your business products and services, in requiring the help I need to bear the fruit of success, I saw that acquiring an excellent team of knowledgeable members of an artistic background was the solution. The fact that they are busy with project after project making innovative and cutting-edge additions to images that engage a conducive and pertinent demographic, I have captured through work that I have procured the solution to all of your exhibitive challenges. 


Take a moment to think what the world would look like without the creative and imaginative mindset in a team that businesses like yours could use to diminish and abate the two-dimensional world that looms in a place without images and designs--in a word, I’d choose flat as my depiction. 


With multiple years in education in an oleo of art, business, graphic design and innovation, we have breathed blue skies, turquoise water, maple red sunsets and, in another word, life, into work that has proved itself to serve a greater cause.


My hope is that I can gain your trust so that I can help you. In gaining your trust, I have chosen to take a small leap of faith by offering all of my photography for FREE. Yes. FREE. By demonstrating my exhibition of the body of work that I have done in the past and am currently working on (including this website with all of its images and graphics), I know in my heart and soul, you’ll find that KK Images & Designs is the right place for your creative solution to ordinary.


Please. Click on the MENU button at the top. Click on the pages. Click on the images. See what we have done so we can continue to do for you what we have accomplished for so many others. We continue to grow, make better products and services, add value to our current and potential clients, and, we hope, eventually, you.


KK Images & Designs photography is all FREE. Did I mention that? ;)


Kevin Kent